Combining Imagination with Experience

I use cutting-edge solutions to help pair your original idea with the power of the visual medium – helping to drive through my vision directly to the audience. Lucy has been a guest lecturer at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for both directorial students and writing students. Lucy has also guest lectured at Reading University, Brunel, NYC, and The University of West London. As a casting director, the first film Lucy cast was the award-winning short film by Lotus Hannon Unseen. Lucy's second casting was for a very interesting and unique project in a VR film. Lucy casts with an eye to making your productions reflect the actuality of contemporary Britain and or historical diverse accuracy of a period drama. Lucy takes into account the racial mix of the 16th century London,1800s Britain or the roaring twenties. History that when applied to period dramas often goes ignored or is white-washed. So if you want to add historical or contemporary authenticity of demographics to your work contact me.