Me, My DNA and I

Me, My DNA and I

Posted Mar 6, 2019 

I recently had my DNA tested. I was one of a dozen or so "foundlings" that were brought together for the TV program Long Lost Family special :Born Without A Trace
My case wasn't chosen by the TV program. But what I did get was my DNA results and it's fascinating

and 3% Dai (Tai) I also have some small genetic connections to Trinidad Polynesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos.

I've gone from being a complete non -entity to actually knowing where I am physically from. Knowing that I am related to at least twelve other people spread across the globe. I'm no longer alone. I will of course always be a foundling, an orphan and a recovering transracial adoptee. But one that has distant relatives. In time who knows I might even be able to trace my mother and father.

For those of you who know the day, time and place that you born into. Who can visit the graves of your departed loved ones, who can look at a photograph of your Mother or can point on a map and say that's where grandad was born, that's where aunty x came from in 1922. You have no idea what it is like to be a person with literally nothing under your feet .Nothing behind your back supporting you, giving you a reference point for who you are. As a foundling you look into a mirror that reflects nothing back to you it just an empty black hole. Foundlings are like aliens from outer space we have nothing other than the skin that we stand up in.

Plus side is, the next time some smart Alec tries to bring me down by stating I'm "not really Chinese," I can correct them because I know that DNA wise 97% of it is Chinese and 3% is Dai (Tai)!

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