As a writer, as an artists and as a person of an ethnic minority; in the country which I call home and have lived and worked in for over have a century. I stand with the people of Palestine. I am horrified by the brutality of the IDF and the Israeli government. But I also know that a government does not always speak for its own citizens.

History has witnessed the harm and devastation that silence can inflict upon the innocent .The world once again is witnessing the same and must and cannot remain silent.

What Hamas did on October 7th was horrific, there is no excuse. The initial response from the Israeli Government and the IDF whilst I cannot condone was a reaction that i can understand.

However the continued disproportionate, inhumane and illegal response that the Israeli government and the IDF continue to carry out has no justification or excuse whatsoever. To use that and actions of the Nazi regime as a rationale as to why they are now doing what they do is to disrespect and dishonour all those of their own faith who were slaughtered.

I call upon Israel to implement a cease fire for humanitarian reasons immediately.

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