Thoughts of an actor, writer, director, person of colour, 60+ & transracial Adoptee

Reflections on Ping Pong
Free Loaves on Fridays

Free Loaves on Fridays an anthology about the experiencing the care system in the UK.
The book was officially launched on April 19th at The Foundling Musem and I was honoured to be on of the one-hundred authors who contributed to this extra-ordinary anthology. On…

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Writers Block Prt 1

I’m still floundering in a writer’s-block sea.
Treading water by indulging myself, watching old TV dramas, listening to long forgotten radio plays; watching movies, reading (and listening to) a lot of recorded drama, audio books (more than I normally do) and pape…

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BBC announces new drama The Listeners starring Rebecca Hall

The series centres around a popular English teacher, who begins to hear a low humming sound that no one else around her can hear.

Photos:Rebecca Hall (Image: Daemian Smith and Christine Suarez) and Ollie West (Ellius Grace)

"The Listeners is a captivating story that…

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Ping Pong review – cheerful, far-fetched caper that dives into London’s 1980s Chinatown

Review of Ping Png by Peter Bradshaw 37 years on!

"This mystery comedy from 1986 stars Lucy Sheen, and has some pointed comments on the racism Chinese communities faced in the UK"

To read the full review click here


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Ping Pong quietly relaunched in cinemas

9th February Ping Pong the British feature from 1986 directed by Po Ch'h Leong was quitely given a cinematic relaunch. Playing in cinemas across the UK. In the centre of London at The Prince Charles until 15th feb. For a full list of cinemas and dates thus far go …

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Call the Midwife and Silent Witness actress Lucy Sheen talks diversity and inclusion

That was how the British East Asian Artists group came together, before evolving, in 2017, into Beats (“Advocates for British East and South East Asians working in the Screen and Stage Industries”). Sheen, with actor and filmmaker Daniel York Loh, among others, wa…

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Writers Block

I’ve been trying to catch up on a backlog of writing. Writing, put on the back-burner because I’ve been lucky enough to be filming. A nice problem to have.

About three days ago, I hit the papyrus wall! Initially, I thought the plot of what I was tyring to re-dra…

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As a writer, as an artists and as a person of an ethnic minority; in the country which I call home and have lived and worked in for over have a century. I stand with the people of Palestine. I am horrified by the brutality of the IDF and the Israeli government. Bu…

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Hot on the heels of Adoptee Remebrance Day comes National Adpotion Awareness Month

💛Adoptee Remembrance Day is held annually on October 30th. To remember all the adoptees and transracial adoptees that have gone many by their own hand. There is data available from both US and Swedish sources but the for the UK (which is where I live) there seems …

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Victims of Illegal Intercountry Adoption Speak Out Prepared for the UN Joint Statement 1 Year Anniversary Presentation by ICAV 20 September 2023 - version 1.2

The following is a copy of my contribution to the ICVA -Inter country Adoptee Voices collated and curated by Lynelle Long

Published 20th September 2023
The notion of legality and illegality is like history created and defined by those …

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Reflecting on Ping Pong

Wednesday 13thSeptember 01:05 the British feature film Ping Pong directed by Po Ch’ih Leong got its second UK airing on national TV via Film4, after over thirty-seven years!

I have never enjoyed watching myself on screen. Sounds like a contradiction for an actor, …

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Why do I always seem to be going backwards?

On a not so pleasant evening Monday 20th of March nearly forty years after Ping Pong the British feature film was released, directed by Po Ch'ih Leong . I headed to the Ciné Lumière in South london for a rare cinematic screening of an almost forgotten British fil…

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There's Been A Lot On My Mind

There's been a lot on my mind recently - when is there never not!
The recent familiar debacle with The Royal Opera House's production of Turandot . Once again we see an opera employing the odious practice of Yellowface. Yellow face isn't just about white actors, p…

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Adoptee Remembrance Day 2022

30th October 2022 - Today is Adoptee Remembrance Day.

Why is it so important for us to remember? When I write ‘us’ I’m not just referring to the global community of adoptees and transracial adoptees but the wider societies who have facilitated, are actively involv…

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"Women in Uniform"
Originally posted by Shy Burnham on
Facebook at
Shy B Photography
Tuesday, 25, October 2022

'Women in Uniform' - Lucy Sheen -

Hi all!

Thank you so much for your continuing support for my Arts Council Engl…

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Get ready for an exciting panel of ESEA artists, academics, and community organisers! “ESEA Hub A Year On” - 30 Sep!
We have
Book your place - #ESEAHM2022

Photo by Jeffery Choy…

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Thoughts whilst researching

I'm currently beginning some research it's hopefully going to lead to a new written work.

You never know what you're going to discover even when you're doing quick and dirty research. That is a mid to deep internet trawl of research that someone else has already d…

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Everyone has a different story...

First published in the Observer, Sunday 24, July 2022

"Everyone has a different story...."

Poet Lemn Sissay, with the help of London’s Foundling Museum, has gathered 59 athletes, artists, CEOs and others who, like him, spent part of their childhoods in care. The re…

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Lost and Found by George White

Posted in Sight & Sound May 2022

Ping Pong
This warm comedy underlines how rare films about the Chinese-British experience are - and makes you wonder why there aren't more of them

As the British government threatens to privatise Channel 4, it's worth looking at the …

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Funeral of a Marriage Counsellor
  • A new short from Ronit Meranda
    Following the sudden death of their long-term and much-too-depended-upon counsellor, a couple in their 50s take a chaotic stab at rebalancing their relationship, while grappling with their own mortality.
    See more on IMDb 
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A call for better representation for British East and Southeast Asians

Posted on Feb 26th, 2022

Trigger warning: the interview tells of Lucy’s personal experiences of trauma, but also includes potential triggers such as experiences of racism and graphic references to racist language. 

Lucy Sheen is an actor, playwright, poet, a tra…

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Samwell - interview with Lucy Sheen

Posted circa 2021

Lucy Sheen is an actor of East and South East Asian heritage who is also a published writer, playwright and poet. She has worked at The Royal Exchange, The National, The RSC and Bristol Old Vic alongside many of Britain’s top actors, including Dam…

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Posted Feb 22, 2019

Unless you've bee n living under a rock deep in the interior of the earth's core you cannot fail to have come across the hashtag RealAsianGranny, brought on by the newly commissioned CBBC sitcom Living With The Lams.
I never met my #RealAsianGran…

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Diversity still isn't happening on U.K. stages, TV and film

Posted in 2017

So, Ed Skrei n has entered the fray when it comes to the continued wanton whitewashing of roles, characters, history, and fiction regarding the inclusion or should it be the exclusion of East Asians, whether they be people of hyphenated or multiple c…

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Me, My DNA and I

Posted Mar 6, 2019 

I recently had my DNA tested. I was one of a dozen or so "foundlings" that were brought together for the TV program Long Lost Family special :Born Without A Trace
My case wasn't chosen by the TV program. But what I did get was my DNA results and…

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Interview with Lucy Sheen Part One

Posted Sept

Overcoming the struggles: a dyslexic, transracial adoptee carves space for British East Asian actors in the UK


Interview conducted by Christina Schu…

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CinéWomen interview Lucy Sheen

First published in 2016

"As part of the CinéWomen program, designed to celebrate the contribution of women to cinema, and on the occasion of 73rd Venice International Film Festival, is organizing an evening of discussion on the topic The Female …

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Lucy Lai-Tuen Chau Sheen: Actor, Writer and Filmmaker

Posted in 2013

It’s been a summer season for British East Asian talent on the London stage. The Arrest of Ai Weiwei at the Hampstead Theatre, Chimerica transferring from the Almeida to the West End, Yellow Face at the new Park Theatre and coming soon The Extreme W…

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Ramblings from a Transracial Adoptee

Posted in 2015 or there abouts

I am delighted and honoured that Banana Writers have asked me to write a wee article for them. I think writing is hugely important in this day and age. Access to information is everywhere and yet understanding and accepting the beaut…

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